Patriot from the Shadows

Moments of insecurity, in a world so shaken.
We wonder.
How tomorrow will be, though we endeavor to appreciate the Now.
Moments of clarity, in a world waiting bated.
The thunder.
In our dreamboxes and Pandoran lifestyles, on the eve of precedence, the calm cushions us.
The sun itself offers a rare warmth to its autumn beam this day.
What clouds or what beams come dawn, we shall face come what may.


May Not

Letting ambition go without compromising your well-being and of those who depend on you for whatever reasons seems kind of titanic and iceberg the more I think of it.

My father instilled in me the fear of listening to the silence.

He was the kind of dad who would bellow out your faults and short comings knowing full well you the kid was off in the dark within earshot.

What my mom, either of them, actually thought at the time, I can but yet fathom, some inklings that give her less justice than perhaps she deserves.

The jury is still out on that one.

Listening to the heart beat of my life.

I want to have talent in the world without ambition. I also want a broad and diverse expression of artistic endeavors, and discussions.

Heartfelt discussions.

Heated discussions.

Is there some ledger in human history that has set the definition, the standard, of what civil means?

And how could you possibly enforce it, without becoming uncivil?

Are boundaries essential?

I don’t know.

Would it be ambitious to seek out that answer?

I don’t know.

Intelligence without ambition would….?

How could a scientist convince himself that he is not psychic?

Are there tests?

And on what standards would these tests be based?

There are no tests.

Serendipity may simply not be exclusive to a chosen few. On the contrary, it may be equally as inverse.

And if that is the case, then there are more so-called psychics than a few.

Or none at all?


Still, there is a lot to be pondered when viewing these other psychics in the glow of their electronic PDAs- actually calling them personal data assistants is being kind.

Would I feel any differently if everyone were reading books and magazines and newspapers?

I do not know.


Looks and sounds to me that we are simply afraid to look at each other, is all.

But humans, we are in fact a scary bunch. There may be a good reason or two not to look at one another.

I am brought back to letting go of ambition.

Is there not survival in ambition?

To become a monk walled up within his own thoughts, I say no.

Ambition may represent particles and the universe expanding.

We are not isolated from universal quantum activity, are we?

Meanwhile, I can’t think of any hugs to give.

Not deep filial hugs any way.

Just platonic ones.

How long has it been exactly?


Mary May


What can anyone say to the mysteries of life? We plan it one way, and it ends up another. Though we try with all our might to make a different path.

But who can know?

What will happen, when your foot steps out of that door, past that threshold?

No one knows.

And besides, the ultimate end is death anyway.

Who has ever escaped that?

I’m going to ignore the religious based comments on this one, because… Well, that’s quite frankly a quagmire.

To be happy.

The attempt to be such while being responsible and of a mind to take ownership of one’s own antics.

But getting caught up in pride, and ego, that’s no way to do it either.

The trick is to find the middle ground, between vanity and humility. But how do you accomplish this with a thin skin?

And if you developed a thick skin, then wouldn’t you also be adding to the woes of the world?

So, many questions.

So many answers to even more questions.

Oh, there is that feeling.

When one believes in himself or some external force.

It’s when the group think kicks in the midst that it becomes a hassle to the rest of us.

Why is that?

When did this begin among humanity?

What I am meaning to ask is when that incorporated neurosis became a part of the human protocol of communication with one another?

The world is burning around me and I’m seeking happiness?

What … Is there something wrong with this picture?

Who’s to say?

Who’s to determine the single world direction of human kind?

There can only be war to homeostasis.

If nothing else a war of wills until if/when we evolve.

So many factors may offer hurdles preventing us from achieving that potential.

Factors geographic and meteorological come to mind initially.

Mankind has to determine what we want.

Do we want Beethoven or Mozart?

Do we want traditional music, or electronic?

Electronic music would make sense, wouldn’t it?  We generate product of decadence with the materials we have conquered as a species, as a civilization. When we conquered rock and stone, our instruments were rock and stone. When we conquered wind and air our instruments were made of wind and air. Now that we have conquered the binary, in a sense, our instruments would fall onto an electronic/computer based material base.

Autumn Begotten

Fear always comes to mind. It is such a tool, in both the good sense and the bad. For the good, it teaches us to be wary of potential foes – if we are fortunate – and for the bad it can lead to delusional thinking and paranoia.

Again, finding the middle ground between the two seems the only logical decision at this time.

The world has caught up to me. What I used to write about in my comic books when I was a boy, at least the gadgetry, has come to roost, the bad leadership across the board, a good many of it.

I am a bit disappointed however that there are not (flying) cars en masse as the Jetson’s promised.  There are some, just not on the mass market. And in even deeper introspection regarding my desire to see flying cars, I must ask myself if whether or not the future where human kind was not as distracted to handle flying cars en masse was a part of that futuristic wish.

One would hope that it would have been.

Because as it is now, I don’t think anyone would want their personal residences, places where they sleep, in the potential risk range of a drunken flying car driver or one texting his girlfriend to come crashing through their living rooms.

I personally think the only reason why they aren’t in production on the same level as the automobile is because the military, for a whole host of reasons, wouldn’t ever sign off on them.

Most of those reasons valid.

I guess there could be zones where they could be permitted, but would there be any air traffic control involved?

How would that even work?

First World question: Is life so much a pain all the time? Or is it our perceptions of it? Is ambition a bad thing?

There is a Buddhist saying that desire is the cause of all suffering.


Draeko ~ try being as much as you are thinking


…Defining ourselves in the midst of chaos offers no guarantees of success, only valor in effort.

Remember to keep ego at bay.

I think this is important for all of us.

Maybe it’s the fear of God that gets so many to cling to her or his ego.

Not for me.

I don’t feel that.