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Histrionic Context (page 1)

Pensive HeadbandIt’s been a while since doing the personal Blog, nearly a year in fact. The question for me was what to do with it. How do I make communicating with the world (or whatever fraction of it I am fortunate enough to have peruse my prose) something that actually could provide some benefit to the reader.
I guess, right now, I’ll just stay in student mode until I know for certain. I’ll just keep posting creative content fueled by my own intent of continued learning and education in the sciences, existentialism, current events, etc.

There is just so much information to share, and so little time to do it, given the average human lifespan.

Having read “In Defense of Liberty” by Russell Freedman, I am now reviewing it, basically data-scrubbing it.  As I do so, while vetting its content with several independent sources, I decided to create an infographic for it, and share them as I finish going through its pages.

As I continue this stringent process, it is my hope that I may present more of these types of graphics for future posts as I learn about the world and the universe around us. There are not enough hours in the week to post daily, perhaps not even enough to post the same topic monthly. But it will happen. I will post a page two eventually, and so on, etc.

There are just more topics than history that are holding my interest at the moment.

Wait till you see the meteorological stuff I’ve learned! And Astronomy! So much stuff!!!

I’m back now and truly motivated to help Earth survive in any way that I can.

Who’s to say for how long I will be in the position to be able to deliver this content, but in truth, now is all anyone of us ever truly has.


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Time Flies Relatively Fast

Forgive me Father for it has been nearly two months since my last BLOG post.

I have been to San Franciso, back to Seattle, to Pittsburgh, back to San Francisto, to Venice Beach, and now three hostels later, I am in San Diego.

The range of incredible people, with whom I have had the incredible opportunity to engage conversationally, exceeds my current ability to process and transcribe into words.

This past month has been on the edge of purgatory.

Where I go next week, that will determine which edge.

I’m looking at at least one hail Mary.


Patriot from the Shadows

Moments of insecurity, in a world so shaken.
We wonder.
How tomorrow will be, though we endeavor to appreciate the Now.
Moments of clarity, in a world waiting bated.
The thunder.
In our dreamboxes and Pandoran lifestyles, on the eve of precedence, the calm cushions us.
The sun itself offers a rare warmth to its autumn beam this day.
What clouds or what beams come dawn, we shall face come what may.