Time Flies Relatively Fast

Forgive me Father for it has been nearly two months since my last BLOG post.

I have been to San Franciso, back to Seattle, to Pittsburgh, back to San Francisto, to Venice Beach, and now three hostels later, I am in San Diego.

The range of incredible people, with whom I have had the incredible opportunity to engage conversationally, exceeds my current ability to process and transcribe into words.

This past month has been on the edge of purgatory.

Where I go next week, that will determine which edge.

I’m looking at at least one hail Mary.



Patriot from the Shadows

Moments of insecurity, in a world so shaken.
We wonder.
How tomorrow will be, though we endeavor to appreciate the Now.
Moments of clarity, in a world waiting bated.
The thunder.
In our dreamboxes and Pandoran lifestyles, on the eve of precedence, the calm cushions us.
The sun itself offers a rare warmth to its autumn beam this day.
What clouds or what beams come dawn, we shall face come what may.

The Retreat.

It is to me as sensational as the advance.

There is a rhythm, a pulse, to life and activity itself.

T’is only the listening that reveals it, only the listening.

I bet there is a song on it somewhere.

Whether it be a sad one or one of joy, depends on the player, the singer, the dancer.

As I listen, my vision becomes focused, a bit dried.

The intermittent brief instances of silence is peace.

The advance.

The awareness and acceptance of all your known truths and shadows.

An embrace of your Now.

Ah, but then thoughts and balance must hold sway.

There again is my retreat.